What Our Franchisees Are Saying

What’s it Like Being Part of the YAU Family? Our Franchisees Give the Play-By-Play

Youth Athletes United currently operates nearly 300 locations across the U.S. Many of those are owned by our franchise family who empower young athletes to be their very best on and off the field. In return, our franchisees have unlimited opportunities for expansion in the multibillion-dollar youth sports industry.

Their success is our success! Here’s what they have to say about coaching and owning a business in the YAU franchise system.

  • I have been an active sports enthusiast my entire life with an entrepreneurial spirit that together, is the perfect combination for this business. I am very excited to bring these programs to area schools and community centers and positively impact the lives of children through sports, the same way it had an effect on me at their age.

    - Kevin Oliver

    TGA Franchise Owner
  • The TGA model has facilitated tremendous growth for introductory youth sports in our 8 years of existence in Seattle. Golf and tennis are sports of a lifetime and can have a tremendous impact on a youngster’s life, as well as creating a healthier lifestyle. With the addition of Team Sports, we now offer even more options for parents and their children. To be able to provide this kind of opportunity for the community is very gratifying.

    - Brad Kirkpatrick

    TGA Franchise Owner
  • I feel very much part of a business family, but also, very much the owner of my own business - THE decision-maker. I appreciate the support we get from YAU to make sure we enjoy what we’re doing while becoming better businesspeople.

    - Larry Kiernan

    Amazing Athletes Franchise Owner
  • I love the support and operations that YAU already had in place, and I’ve just built off of that over the last several years. Now I’ve got six franchises. I don’t know if I’m blessed, crazy or a little bit of both.

    - Jared Taylor

    Amazing Athletes Franchise Owner
  • This opportunity is for those who value ‘making a difference’ while also building an asset. If you have a mind for business, love to play, enjoy flexibility-but welcome a challenge- this is for you. As an owner, I can say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    - Winnie Woody

    TGA Franchise Owner
  • We have a larger territory, so we are not lacking for opportunity, it was more a question of how we would take that next leap forward operationally. I had a meeting with YAU leadership to discuss how we can take it to the next level; that’s a perfect example of the support available.

    - Scott Karlin

    Soccer Stars Franchise Owner
  • I was seeking a career in the golf industry that could allow me to grow and build my own business, and the jobs then seemed to be tough to find. I really liked TGA’s franchise model because there was an established infrastructure, start-up fees were reasonable, and I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. My strengths were business and marketing. Combining that with TGA’s expertise in education and curriculum, bringing golf into schools was vital to my success. It was also the only youth sports franchise business offered anywhere in the golf industry.

    - Kevin Rooney

    TGA Franchise Owner