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Youth Athletes United Identifies Henderson, Nevada as a Priority Market to Partner with Franchisees to Enrich Children's Lives Through Sports

Youth Athletes United, the multi-brand franchisor behind youth sports and activities brands Soccer StarsAmazing AthletesTGA SportsLittle Rookies Baseball and JumpBunch, is looking to expand in Nevada, with Henderson identified as a prime target market. 

“When you look at Henderson, it has a rapidly-growing population of families,” said Youth Athletes United President John Erlandson. “Anytime we see mid- to upper-income areas that are growing with a large family base, we know they are right in the sweet spot with a huge demand for the youth sports programming we offer.” 

Henderson, which is now Nevada’s second-largest city, is also the state’s fastest-growing city. The population of Henderson is growing at a rate of 3.12% annually, and nearly one-fourth of all households in the area have children. Henderson also has the state’s highest per-capita income, $74,147, which is a whopping 19% higher than the U.S. average.

Families continue flocking to Henderson because of the city’s master-planned communities, which allow homes to be close to business hubs, high-quality schools and parks. The city has garnered rave reviews and top national rankings for its quality of life, and is seeing an economic boom as companies like Google, Amazon and Haas Automation open facilities in the city. Henderson is also emerging as a pro-sports hub, home to the Henderson Silver Knights AHL hockey team and to the new training and performance center of the Las Vegas Raiders.

“Generally our franchisees tend to do very well in these types of neighborhoods,” said Erlandson. “Those areas also have robust parks and rec programs and large school systems, which means a higher density of kids and more opportunities for franchise partners to become highly profitable and offer multiple services. Plus, thanks to the warm and sunny weather, Henderson allows franchisees to offer year-round programming.”

Youth Athletes United’s overarching mission is to empower kids through sports by teaching them how to have fun while learning the fundamentals of a sport, with a goal to positively impact over one million children each year. 

With the chance to buy into multiple units across multiple territories and brands, a Youth Athletes United franchise opportunity boasts a low investment relative to return on capital, with strong cash-on-cash returns within the first two years. Plus, in an era when parents are spending massive amounts of money on their children, youth sports present a near-recession-proof opportunity. Many schools and even day care centers are incentivized to prioritize academic work, leaving physical education largely neglected. Youth Athletes United’s model addresses this gap in the curriculum. 

As reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “adolescents who play sports are eight times more likely to be physically active at age 24 than those who do not play sports,” making the skills taught by the Youth Athletes United team a part of the foundation for healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The same report credits youth sports with increased life skills, leadership qualities, self-esteem and lower rates of anxiety and depression.

“If you have kids, in this day and age, there is less open play happening,” said Erlandson. “Life has become a lot more structured, for better or worse. Now, there is a constant need to put kids in new activities so they can learn new skills in a fun way. Whether we are in a school or providing programming on the weekends, we fill an important void for younger kids by giving them a platform to come play sports and have a great time. This allows franchisees to operate within a unique niche with a huge demand from parents.”

Looking ahead, Erlandson says the Youth Athletes United Team has identified two territories per brand available for development in Henderson. When a new franchisee enters the market, Erlandson says they can be confident they will have access to comprehensive training and support, with a clear roadmap for success every step of the way. 

“In Henderson and beyond, our ideal franchisee is high-energy, loves working with kids and is not afraid to go out, network and talk to people in the community,” said Erlandson. “We provide the proven model — they just need to bring a great personality. If you wake up every morning with a relentless attitude and a commitment to the business model, you can’t fail. It is just that type of business, with so much demand and need in cities like Henderson. Franchisees just need to show up to work everyday with a smile, and they’ll be sure to find success with Youth Athletes United.”

Amazing Athletes currently offers two franchise programs: The total investment to begin operation of this franchised business for the Complete AA Program ranges from $43,650 to $64,950, including between $35,450 and $43,450 that must be paid to the franchisor. The total investment to begin operation of this franchised business for the Basic Package ranges from $33,450 to $51,950, including between $27,950 and $33,450 that must be paid to the franchisor. For more information, visit

The total cost to open a TGA Premier Sports franchise ranges from $42,700-$113,000, which includes a franchise fee of $30,000-$70,000. For more information, visit

Franchising opportunities for Soccer Stars will begin in 2022. Learn more about the brand here: Link Here.